Inna is the author of several notable books, among which are: The Shattered Generation, or The Ten Commandments in the USSR (1992) a multifaceted, comprehensive analysis of Russian society and mentality, short-listed for the Russian Booker Prize, and acclaimed as “the encyclopaedia of the entire Russian life and character” (writer Irina Ratushinskaja), “Nobel-prize’ worthy portrait of Russia and the Russian character ” (analyst and intelligence expertVictor Suvorov), ” very well-written detailed ‘diagnosis’ of Soviet totalitarianism” (dissidentVladimir Bukovsky), and “the best anti-totalitarian book ever published in Europe since the end of WWII” (by Pekka Hyvarinen, editor-in-chief of the leading Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti); The Blind Mirror (1997) examines the relationship between the individual and the state apparatus through the prism of international intelligence activities during and after the Cold War. Based on never-before published materials, the book caused extraordinary international interest; Yellow Star in the Red Sky (1995) a study of modern-day Russian anti-Semitism and extreme nationalism, is exhibited in both the Yad-Vashem Museum and the World Museum of Anti-Semitism in Israel. A special exhibition on the topic of modern anti-Semitism based on this book has been shown many times in Finland and other Scandinavian countries at numerous events and forums dealing with the most acute problems of international development; The Human Connection (in progress) examines the events and the personalities embodying those phenomena of the most eventful period of modern history – the first two decades after the fall of communism; Stars of Despair, Stars of Hope: Personal Reflections on Holocaust in the Modern Times (in progress) – a collection of first-hand personal reflections on Holocaust in the span of 70 years after the end of WWII and analyses of how the experience and memories of the fight against evil influenced the lives of modern societies and its individuals.

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