The film has been acquired by Yad-Vashem for their permanent film collection and library. The European premiere of the film marked the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2014 at the European Parliament, and there were other notable special events on the film which has been attested as “riveting” by the Israeli National News and as “timeless” by Ambassador Harri Mäki-Reinikka of Finland.

Other films of Inna’s are:

The Morning After The Cold War, a unique documentary of the first ever – and never to be repeated since – series of meetings of Western and Eastern veterans of the special services, including untold before parts of many intriguing stories landmarking modern history, such as Garry Powers’ and Sam Jaffe’s families’ recollections; the film has been shown very widely with big success;

Hunting the Shadow, an unprecedented inside story on the global activities of international organised crime ‘modernised’ after the collapse of communism; the film which contains unique operative records of leading anti-organised crime European agencies, and other unparalleled materials, was acclaimed very widely and has been bought by many countries;

One man, Two Lives… One Life, Two Men…: the first full story on the crucial intelligence operations and activities during the Cold War period (the documentary was presented with very big success at the Cannes World Festival of the Documentary Movies, and had been bought by more than 25 countries).

Inna also had been producing deep and fascinating personal documentary portraits of many leading personalities of our time, including late Czech president Vaclav Havel, late Russian general Alexander Lebed, late Elena Bonner, who was wife and then widow of AcademicianSaharov. Among the other heroes of Inna’s films are the famous Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukowsky, legendary Italian judge Pier-Luigi Vigna, leading American historians and writers,Leona and Jerrold Schecters, and many others.