NO JEWS ALLOWED: 2023 – 26.10.2023

Inna Rogatchi (C). Dreams in Black. 2022.

‘It is a fake!’ – was the immediate reaction of some of the advocates of  Turkey tourism. “Well, I would go for independent proof”, – another, Jewish enthusiast of vacating in Turkey doubted the obvious. It was not a fake. An independent proof of authenticity of the photograph in question has been provided, too. The photograph shows No Jews Allowed sign printed on A4 paper with a crossed star of David under the sign. It has been displayed on the facade of  a busy  bookstore, characteristically,  in the centre of Istanbul.  

When the fact was re-established – no fake, yes, it is true – laments followed from all directions ( except Turkey itself which is officially hysterically anti-Israel now) : “ does it remind us something?”,  ‘ Where are we going from this? “, ‘What to do now?”. The laments are fully justified. 

And all of us are thinking the same thing which none of us does not want to say aloud: “We-do-know-what-follows-this-kind-of-signs”, don’t we? Well, we do. 

And it is a good moment to realise that it is not a movie. It is the reality of the day, as in Ankara, as it is in many other places where this is allowed. What is allowed? Not ‘just’ pre-racial cleansing signs on store facades. But: mega rallies in support of pure evil, hate, racism and crimes. Occupied Central Station in New York. Blocked Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Paralysed London. Blocked Victoria Station in London. Graffities in Australia. Stars of David on the doors of the Jewish houses  in Berlin and all over Germany. Burned doors of the apartments of Jewish people in France. Inciting demos in Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels. Enough of demonstration of hate. It has nothing to do with any democracy whatsoever. It has everything to do with giving in to fascism, neo-Nazism, destruction, crime, violence and racial hatred. Any of it should be forbidden by a local law or regulations – exactly as it is done in Florida nowadays. 

Our parliaments and local city administrations should be responsible and decent, and not give in all this unjustified hatred, violence and inciting. 

It is not about Jews, stupids. It is about normality and decency which are attacked daily and in intensifying mode, for three weeks on, from October 7th, 2023, and it is only the beginning. The black forces are on unleash. How can any person who can put two and two together, cannot see it? Or perhaps, it is a fake. An aberration of perception. Welcome to 1933.