Inna Rogatchi (C). Freeze. War & Humanity. 2023.

Maniac Lenin has left perhaps one bit of something useful after him, his  formula about  ‘useful idiots’. We are still using it a century after that miserable psychotic has died. Not only due to a successful wording, but mainly because it is so widely applicable.

But now, we are having a modification of that shrewd observation. Humanity progressed to the new category of idiots :hateful ones. All those media hysterics, political hypocrites, intellectual left-wing militants who were running the one before the other, in their breathless, blind hatred against Israel that was accused by such indisputable for them ‘angels’ as Hamas, of mass atrocity against that hospital in Gaza. Which turned out not only to be a blatant Goebbels propaganda lie, but also the hospital turned out to be not a hospital but a small car parking lot nearby. 

CNN, New York Times, vicious BBC, Sky News, all possible Guardians and Independents of all sorts, not to speak of myriad of heavily pro-militant Islamists-does-not-matter-what media outfits all over oh-so-democratic Europe, oh-so-humanistic Australia, and many others supposedly oh-so-civilised corners of this pathetic globe rushed breathlessly, with that Danton-like fevered eyes of zealotry, against Israel, the only Jewish state on this earth, as small as it is, amidst 40 of oh-so-nice and hospitable, so democratic Arab countries. 

I just wonder: if Israel is oh-so-awful, why the h-ck Hamas boss , and many of his buddies, were repeatedly treating his daughter, their other relatives and themselves by oh-so-terrible Israeli doctors? It is another question why on earth it had become possible in the first place. 

What this united in their hysterical blind hatred international media, and many hateful idiots the politicians, including some of European countries’ leaders, such as speaker of the Belgian parliament, and unfortunately many others senior figures demonstrated in this stupidest if not so cruel episode over the gloating the Hamas-fed Goebbels propaganda and attacking Israel absolutely without reason whatsoever did show it is the real attitude of all those circles and individuals to the state of Israel – and the Jews in general, for this matter. And it does matter. It does.

I do not remember the more shameful collective attack against the victim with a huge looming V from the part of the oh-so-civilised world, especially in the face of its media and politicians world-wide. In fact, that shameful and absolutely ungrounded attack was nothing else but the manifest of hate. Primitive, in some cases, subconscious ( I know some of such politicians cases personally, sadly so) anti-Semitism, even instinctive one, which is often the case, as it is known by any researcher of anti-Semitism . What we saw in that shameful attack against Israel, with feverishly repeating Hamas lies, was nothing but barely masked real hatred and pure racism. 

One of our good friends Tomas Sandell who is not Jewish, has come with the following observation: “Why is the gut feeling of so many to automatically believe the terrorists when faced with the terrible news of the Gaza hospital strike? Do people think that the same savages who butchered Israeli civilians just one week ago are suddenly credible news sources that are inclined to tell the truth no matter what?” He knows the answer, of course. What is important here is the articulated publicly point of view. Of a civilised, honest person versus the huge bunch of screaming hateful idiots. 

Another non-Jewish person has entitled his very shrewd, spot-on article in this way: “Why won’t the Jews just let themselves be killed?” Indeed. The article has initiated a vivid discussion among our Jewish friends: “ Have you seen this?” – “Yes, brilliant”. – “Is the author Jewish?” – “No, I don’t think so”. – “But maybe, he is married to a Jewish woman?’” – ‘Don’t know, not sure. – “ Or perhaps he might have some Jewish relatives, even distant ones?”. Nobody knew the family relations of the brave and honest writer. And then one of us popped in with a reflection: “Or, perhaps, he is just a decent person?..”  Nobody knew the answer to that puzzling supposition either.

Puzzling indeed, in these days of a pyrrhic global feast of hateful idiots. And pyrrhic it is because one’s hate always,  sooner or later, but  just always,  turns against a hating subject. Doubly so if he or she is so explicitly idiotic.