Michael Rogatchi (C). In the Mirror of Holocaust. 1999. Permanent Art Collection. Holocaust Museum. Dnipro, Ukraine.

My close friend is very justly lamenting the necessity of a heavy guard of the Jewish school in the centre of ever-peaceful Helsinki, these days. “ But this school where also non-Jewish students are studying teaches 100% Finnish official school curriculum. Why on earth should this school need an arm guard?!” – she exclaims, rhetorically, knowing perfectly well why and trying to make the point to those who pretend to be blind and deaf. The same goes with the Jewish school in Tallinn, which is known for the top-quality of the education it provides, and thus is very popular with many non-Jewish families in the capital of Estonia to get the best education for their children. It is heavily guarded too, and in a normal, adequate society places of peaceful education of all kinds of kids should not be in need of an arm guard. Crystal-clear. But not the fact of life for us these days. 

Just very recently, a couple of weeks prior to the October massacre in Israel, some of our American friends went genuinely surprised while seeing some guard next to some Jewish schools somewhere in the US. It came as a complete and total surprise to them. I spoke with my friends, and they were genuinely shocked to see it on American soil while they were fully aware of the situation in Europe where many of the Jewish-related sites are guarded for years. And this was yet before the macabre of all-fledged anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli hate which the authorities in too many places world-wide have been unable or unwilling to halt. 

And here is a charming episode from the US itself. Stanford of all places. The university, another school. There, a scum in the guise of a teacher, called all Jewish students in his class to identify themselves by raising their hand. Which they did, I do not know why. Then, he ordered them to get to the corner of the room and to stand there. And they went, I also just cannot get why on earth they stupidly obliged. Then the 46-year old scum who demands to call him a professor, declared that this is ‘what their people are doing to the people in Gaza’. He also taught the class on those separated Jews in the corner on what ‘colonisers’ actually is. He asked everyone of them where from  their family was. For another inexplicable reason, Jewish students answered to that gangster in the Stanford study hall. One of them happened to be from Israel. The gangster was ecstatic. “Yes, yes! You are absolutely a coloniser!” – he screamed. 

He also asked those in the corner, how many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. Maintaining that macabre dialogue, instead of calling for police, some students replied: “6 million”. – “Yes, 6 million, not enough”, the teacher stated, according to the testimonies of multiple witnesses. 

Yet before the Holocaust went into full-scale, this was the practice of many teachers in many schools in Germany. This is well documented. Now it is happening in the US, in Stanford of all places. Humanity came to its dark age, willingly so. 

The Stanford University authorities did an open inner investigation, due to the public outcry. The scum disguised as a teacher is suspended. Suspended, not fired, and not criminally charged. The University, typically for many universities nowadays, trying to hush-hush this screaming Nazism of our days, in an usual, pathetic way, diminishing his role in the university – ‘he was not a teacher, he was an teaching instructor’ ( in his official papers, one reads ‘professor’), and they deliberately omitted his name. Anonymous teaching instructor, it is nicer this way. His name is known and published, of course. The university looks stupid at the very least. 

And we all are eighty five years back, in a macabre dance of hatred. What has happened then, just a couple of years after German scums were exercising in the sport of placing Jewish kids in the corner? We know what. And why? We know why. Because that vicious, gut hatred was overseen, permitted and it splashed all over, to the ravine of the Babyn Yar, which today moved to Israel’s inner territory. And outside Israel, after the most barbaric crimes against humanity committed, the Jewish schools should be guarded all over Europe and the US, and in the leading American university with no war whatsoever, racist thugs are allowed to put Jewish kids in the corner. This has only meaning, actually. It is a civilisation which is cornered by militant anti-Semitic thugs.