Daily Entry of the War & Humanity Special project.

Michael Rogatchi (C). The Kotel. Fragment. Oil on canvas. 1999.

Now we all know what Holocaust was like, real-time, total-spread. Although the wide public does not know yet what Israeli soldiers, ZAKA, Magen David, and volunteers have been seen at the scenes of massive massacre of an evil force which is also a death cult . We have not seen, only being told about decapitated babies. We have not even been told publicly about Arab words on the faces of Jewish raped women, ablazed on their faces by the beasts’ lighters, while the victims were still alive. The names of beautiful Israeli kibbutzim which were justly known as ‘small piece of Paradise’, and were extremely popular with tourists, now have processed the hearts of many of us into ash. The number of victims is staggering. The way of their slaughter is wild in its atrocity. And nothing can change this catastrophe beyond the border of comprehension. You cannot fix it. In none of the ways. You can only avenge it. And it will be done, undoubtedly. This is the very least we can do reacting to this Holocaust of our time. We are grieving. And we need to prepare ourselves for more awful information about the October 2023 Massacre to come. Against this more than gruesome reality, where are those who are receiving their salary for their proclaimed missions regarding care of human rights, like odious Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, and alike. Never in my life, I thought that the degree of bias can be that high. All of these organisations are sympathising with the wrong parties repeatedly, decades by now. I am personally tired from this ugly hypocrisy of professional defenders and watchers of the wrong causes. I am indignated that they all dare to defend even open terrorists against the gruesome evidence. Amnesty officials dared to say publicly, answering to the question of naive journalists of how come that the whole world and everybody is speaking and denouncing terrorists committed such hideous crimes, except Amnesty, that ‘their organisation only speaks publicly about the information that they can verify independently, by themselves’. Human Watch officials have a gut to criticise Israel for ‘overdoing’. The Red Cross is totally absent in the screaming situation with at least 150 hostages, including a 6-weeks baby and 90-years Holocaust survivor in an invalid chair, while they do have a full mandate to operate in this situation. Not to speak about anything else. This is a total moral fiasco for organisations whose essential purpose is to defend a basic humanity. This peak of hypocrisy is truly outrageous.