Daily entry of the WAR & HUMANITY Special Project.

Inna Rogatchi (C). MAHLER. Mixed technique. 2020.

There are two schools of thinking and two modes of behaviour when it comes to the reactions of things horrible. According to one school and mode, people switch to an introvert more, even the most extravert ones. This is how your own inner surviving mode operates. Many of us are better coping on one’s own, in a self-imposed shelter.

According to the other school and mode, people need support and a feeling of a shoulder from those who are nearby, in order to keep one’s balance and to feel safer, better and more assured. And then, in cases like the recent vicious massacre in Israel, there is a global outcry of indignation which brings hundreds and thousands on the streets.

This is what we are seeing in New York, in the series of ongoing rallies in support of Israel there, where Jewish youth refused to be shy in front of screaming voices of evil who came to demonstrate in support of the beasts. And when Jewish youth in New York confronted those pro-Palestinian screaming bandits with our Israeli flags, they did read the message in a second. They usually do.

It was a very dignified, important, large pro-Israeli event in London organised by many of our friends there, just next door to Downing Street, with the presence of a huge amount of people, each of them thoughtful, grieving and supporting the state of Israel and all our victims and their families.

Unsurprisingly, pro-Palestinian forces in London were able to collect and bring too many thugs-supporting-thugs in the front of the Israeli Embassy in London which is the subject of attacks and ugly demonstrations traditionally, sadly. This is not a democracy. It has nothing remotely close to democracy when horrendous massive crimes against humanity and military crimes are allowed to be cheered about in any of places world-wide. It shows the weakness of the governments who did allow it. It shows that those governments, each and every one of them, from the UK to Sweden and from Finland to Australia, are weak in front of sheer evil.

It is an utterly wrong signal which might backfire in all these societies where those weak governments refuse to make a distinction between good and evil.

But to strengthen our hearts, one should have a look at the extraordinary gathering in Paris yesterday night, Monday October 9th, 2023. Thousands of people, the sea of human beings, so many young of them, fortunately, have stood in front and all around the Eiffel Tower which was blue and white and with an Israeli flag, for four hours at least. They sang Hatikvah all together, in an unmistaken and assuring motion. The same evening, at the Grand Synagogue in Paris, a completely full house which hosts thousands, French Jewry of all ages sang Hatikvah in the same way, in the crystal-clear message of defiance and love, care and strength which. we all are having now, around the globe.

The world Jewry is wounded but we all are united and determined. Anyone who attended and saw mentioned and other ongoing vigils and gatherings of the people worldwide in support of Israel and Jewish people, got this very clear message of unity and determination. And in sharp contrast with the jackals who are attacking in the most mean way and disappearing in the most cowardly way, in a full accord with their nature, we are and will stay united, determined and strong. For our brethren in Israel. For Jewish people anywhere.

A beast is inferior to a human being because of the absence of associative thinking. This is the alphabet of biological knowledge. Plus the spirit which actually commands the department of associative thinking if to get the things as they are, not as Mr Darwin wanted to present them. Beasts attacks, beast wounds, and beast might kill. But any beast, and any group of beasts will be hunted down, and eliminated as mad beasts should, by the organised, unified and determined human beings. By intellect and spirit. By soul and skills. This is also an alphabetical position of behavioural psychology. This knowledge is chronically missing from Hamas and similar schools, obviously. They would have to learn it in an empiric way. And they will. Am Israel Chai.