Daily entry of the WAR & HUMANITY Special Project.

Michael Rogatchi (C). Strength of Love. Zion Waltz. Oil on canvas. 2016.

Well, quite a holiday Israel had experienced in the worst assault since the Yom Kippur War, and – exactly on the day in a secular calendar marking its 50th anniversary. In the atrocity which would be known as Simchat Torah War. Which we win, undoubtedly. The toll is already devastating. Appalling cruelty by Hamas savages attacking Israel. Terrible losses. Terrible way of losses. All the horrifying pictures which we saw today would stay with us for good. Arrested, beaten and pushed in the jeep with a dozen of savages, a young Israeli woman. I heard her screams from inside the jeep, and am still hearing it all the time. Two young boys in the arms of their grandmother, completely terrified, pushed as hostages to Gaza. I will remember their all faces for a long time. Our soldiers, those who were murdered and those who were captured, looking at their murdered friend. All of them. Elderly women terrified by the savages in their own homes, and taken from their homes to Gaza as hostages. My goodness. It is a long list of revenge, but they all will be avenged. And more.

We are with our people, with the state of Israel, every inch and every second of these challenging and sobering days. We are with all our friends in Israel and their families, each and every of them. They are with the IDF and wishing them smashing, as quick as possible victory over the beasts. We all are collected and ready to fight. And we will prevail. Israel always does. Am Israel Chai.